Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So back to me fatha.

That's me dad in a faisty temper.

So ez I told ye in an earlier post, Rebbe Weinstock, the mohel fer witch me pater was tha Shabbos goy fer, was barren a male heirs. Now accordion to me fatha, Weinstock hae bilt oop p'raps th' most successful moheling biznaiss in olde New York. To hoom, it moost be arsked by Weinstock, should me moheling biznaiss be passed to--it bein' the duly duty to continue the legacy of moheling--it taint lika barber shop wair when ye shutter hit hit's dune and goon.

An' that's whair me pater cooms in.

An' that's whair I stoop fer today.

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