Sunday, August 17, 2008

I moostiv forgottin.

Ai! I moost be gettin' on in yairs, I moost. I hae not yit hae tha courteasy t' tell ye whut it ais a mohel do and why he do it.

A mohel be a man that caircumscizes a Joosh bairn on th' eighth day after he is bairn. A ritchual tha' hearkens baick to tha daiz of Moses an' seals tha Joos holy covennot wi' thair lord. Tha's right, d'ya see. Tha' mohel snips wha accordion to tha Joosh naids snippin', with a large dossa sweet wine so as t' minniemize th' bawlin' a th' babe.

It make no difference if yair rich o' poor o' in betwain, whain yer eight daiz old, if'n yair a bairn, a mohel deeposits he'self on yer porty-co and makes wi' tha blessin'.

Tha's all fer na. I havva flight to cach.

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