Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gittin' stahrted in the mohel game.

This harh are pahrt too of me staree.

Waal, it were lahk this, d’ya see. Me fatha grew oop, he did, in Olde New York, witcher East Side, West Side, ahl aroon tha toon. He wuz, he wuz what were known in tha bygone era as a Shabbos goy. Shabbos, fer those a you who dunna know, is tha Joosh Sabbath, meanin’ tha holiest of thar days, whan they go ter thar churches, witch they call shool or more formally Sinny-gog and oon which they kin doo know work a’tall even things as minner as turning ahn tha light switch er the ooven er narly ennything else yoo can thinka, tha they call werk witch is moost prohibited oon tha Sabbath. And goy is thar slightly perjorative term, d’ya see, for a non Jew. So tha combernation, Shabbos goy wood mean tha Gentile who do ahl that dairty werk for ‘em, tendin’ to tha fahrs whan fahrs were lit, stoking tha fairnace wi’ coal, lahtin’ tha cendles, an sooch, as it warre, d’ya see.

So eza Shabbos goy, me fatha, Gahd rest his soul, becahm, afta menny yahrs, potta tha’ Weinstock fam’lee, as it warre, an’ tha Weinstock’s fer thossa ya who dunna ken, warra fruma loong lahn of mohels, presteejus an’ esteemed frum tha’ ol’ coontree to tha new, d’ya see, mohel-hood as it warre, bein’ possed on from genny-ration to genny-ration frum fatha to soon frum tahm immoral.

Waal, that warre tha big inning of mee tale. Mahre t'coom, mahre t'coom.

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